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Electronics "HANDS ON" Anywhere, Anytime!

PRAYOGeek provides a platform for students to learn Electronics “HANDS ON”.
Hardware module packs most of the Lab Equipments like oscilloscope, Signal Generator, Volt-Meter, Ammeter, Power Supply and Digital trainer kit in to a portable and compact form which students can carry any where.

The Android App connects to the Hardware via Bluetooth and provides all the necessary interfaces to view signals on Oscilloscope, Signal Generator, read voltage, current and Control the signals.

It Opens up new possibilities where in the Students can Experiment both Analog and Digital circuits together.

Changing conventional way of Experimenting

Empowering students to Experiment Anywhere, Anytime!

Enabling  "Hands On" Workshops in classrooms

Circuit building competition in BMS College Of Engineering conducted in classroom.

Enabling Collaborative Learning activities.

Entire students in a section participating in practical collaborative sessions.


We gained a lot more practical knowledge . The use of specific components in real life was better understood .


We were able to understand the circuits even more better than in the theory class.It was a nice experience using that kit and when we got the output we became self-confident that we can build even more circuits using this.Thank you prayogeek.

- Student(JSSATE)

Overall experience was good because I was aware of using breadboards but after using this PRAYOgeek kit I was able to build circuits easily.the kit is very compatible and can be used for various purposes anywhere,anytime.

- Student (JSSATE)

This is called actual teaching and it is far better than classroom theory classes.Now I feel ECE is a good branch and practical oriented subject from PRAYOGeek.

- Student (BIT)

The kit gives us a better understanding of what we are learning theoretically.It makes it interesting,feels like why can't classes be taught practically where we are able to understand and actually learn much better.

- Student (BIT)

Watch this video for a Quick Intro about Hardware and App details


Carry out Electronics experiments starting from 1st semester to 7th semester including Academic projects at your convenience.


Drastically reduce dependency on LAB and experiment anywhere, anytime!!

The Kit is just about the size of a book which makes it easy to carry AnyWhere!!


Kit is battery powered and can also be powered externally for extended usage.

Android App


Analog Section

Analog section of the app provides 2 channel oscilloscope, 2 channel Signal Generator, 2 volt meters, 2 Ammeters and a Resistance meter. Frequency and Amplitude calculation is automitacally done for the oscilloscope channels.


Digital Section

Digital section of the app contains all the features present on the Digital Trainer kit like 12 Inputs, 8 Outputs, TTL Clock signal, Mono Pulse and also a 2 channel Digital Oscilloscope.

Product Specifications


Analog Features

- 2 Channel Signal Generator (0 to 20kHz)
- 2 Channel Analog Oscilloscope (+/-5v, Bandwidth 20            kHz)
- 2 voltmeters (Ov to 30v)
- 2 Ammeters (+/- 500ma)
- Positive and Negative Power supply (+/-9v) for Opamps.
- 2 variable power supplies (0 v to 6v)
- Variable gain non inverting amplifier
- Unity gain inverting Amplifier
- 1 kHz on board sine wave output


Digital Features

- 12 Digital Inputs
- 8 Digital Outputs
- 2 Chanel Digital Oscilloscope (0v to 5v)
- TTL Clock Generator
- Mono Pulse Trigger
- 5v power supply
- 4 common Annode LED’s


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